Our Story

Meet The Founder

With an artistic mind and blithesome nature, Rachel Gideons carries a Master’s in Journalism and Mass Communication degree in her hand. The knowledge she has inherited in her past years has scaled her way through top corporate giants.

She envisioned an agency that could help all businesses including startups, entrepreneurs, influencers, brands, and institutions with the same set of skillset that was used by these big giants in the marketing space, which was achieved in the year 2016 through her first venture Gideon Communications; chiefly directed towards Public Relations, Personalised Events & Launches, and Digital Marketing segments.

Recently, the firm was presented with an immense appreciation for its substantial services in strategic social media marketing, which has re-defined the company goals and is now headed under Gideon Alliance.

A connoisseur of marketing and communications, Rachel Gideons still carries a passion for the entrepreneurial journey of start-ups equivalent to the big brands.

“I believe in true stories. Stories that can change the world are the best stories to tell.”

What We Do?

Gideon Alliance is your digital friend that helps you grow socially without any hassle or difficult set-up. All you have to do is work with us to find your voice and your social fam online. Rest, we will help you align your goals, objectives and vision within the content pillars to maintain your presence organically. We specialise in connecting brands, companies, and startups with well-crafted strategies, which are focused on the growth of the overall business objectives, aiming to build extensive brand awareness digitally

Our team of experts give you an end-to-end support which includes designing, video editing, content strategy planning, weekly and monthly calendar and scheduling management. Other than this, we also manage your photo-shoot and video-shoot with concept planning and creative direction. All you have to do is just show up!

Content Strategy & Calendar Management​

Professional Designing & Video Editing

Performance Tracking & Analytics​

META Advertising – Growth Metrics​

Concept Photography

Luxury Events & Pop-Ups 

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